Our story

The motivation for creating our company in 2015 was the desire to provide professional services of acquiring grant finances for meaningful projects. From the beginning we try to realize all projects in high quality, transparently with the emphasis put on real projects’ value. We offer complex consulting services with supporting managerial and administrative services during the whole realization phase. We do not select clients and projects mindlessly. In order to obey and pursue our philosophy we primarily concentrate on the quality of the projects, not the overall number. Thanks to the quality and pro-clients orientation we have been able to acquire and build firm know-how utilizable even for projects of unconventional, innovative character.We concentrate on technological as well as educational and artistic projects.

What we offer

Quality and professional services

For the sake of every successful and beneficial long-term cooperation, the open communication and mutual trust are essential. Our fundamental philosophy is to build cooperation based on long-lasting partnership with a client that is based on mutual trust and agreement. We build the relationship with a client on individual approach and effort to reach all of his/hers demands and needs. Successful application for euro funds support is quite long and demanding path. It is necessary to cooperate closely and communicate openly between the consulting firm and the client. We build our consulting in the field of acquiring the support from euro funds on four elemental pillars: reliability, complexity, knowledge, innovation.


  • we approach each client individually in order to guarantee quality consulting in the field of deriving euro funds
  • we pay attention to keeping the planned schedule as well as agreed procedures
  • we are maximally discreet, considerate and thoughtful in cooperation
  • we communicate with clients openly and intensively so their requirements are met maximally


  • we propose innovative solutions that use various innovative and untraditional approaches in solving occurring problems
  • we can assert suggested solutions as an addition of relevant official methodologies
  • we have experiences with using banking sector for financial realization of projects
  • we intensively communicate with relevant managing/controlling bodies


  • in the realization of public procurement, contracting laws of intellectual property, patent applications, compulsory procurement of costs we cooperate with our partner lawyer’s office Hronček & Partners, s.r.o. which specializes in laws of such fields
  • we secure the processing of each part of the project in a way they logically and fluently follow each other


  • we search for options of how the clients can use their own capacities in order to reach the most effective self preparation
  • we regularly attend seminars, informative days and events relevant to individual programmes and challenges of deriving euro funds
  • we periodically follow the declaration of possible addition of challenges in deriving euro funds

Politiku kvality a Environmentálnu politiku

Field of quality
  • we create conditions for constant improving of processes and quality of work in all fields of society, mainly in the field of consulting euro funds
  • we achieve great satisfaction with the quality of our services from the clients’ side
  • we introduce new advancements and approaches to providing services in the field of consulting of euro funds
  • we build collegiate atmosphere and stable collective
  • we develop cooperation with partners
  • we are actively involved in activities supporting community/society
Field of environmental development
  • we create conditions for systematic improvement of performing activities relevant for current requirements of environmental behaviour
  • we secure the prevention of environmental pollution through decreasing consumption/usage of material and urging the use of recycled waste wherever possible
  • we minimise negative impacts on environment by early identification of environmental aspects
  • we abide corresponding legal and other requirements related to environmental aspects identifiable in society

Our team

Matej Novotný

Managing director

Petra Kováčiková

Project manager

Janka Mažgutová

Project manager

Barbora Perinajová

EU schemes / international projects

Samuel František Mičuda

Lawyer for public procurement

Jakub Dušan Gallo

Communication and marketing

Lucia Balgová


Tuli Novotný

Guadrian of deadlines

Just you ?

Our partners

In order to secure high quality of provided services in the field of preparation and realization of public procurements we closely collaborate with the lawyer’s office.

Cooperation in innovation projects at European level.

Top privacy offers services in the sphere of security, protection of data and GDPR. Apart from services of reliable person it also offers consulting of industrial security and cybernetic security.

Our offices