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We provide complex consulting services in the field of drawing on Euro funds which we adjust so the whole project is led openly, transparently and professionally. Also, we are not afraid of following innovative procedures in fulfilling clients’ needs and requirements. We primarily focus on quality not quantity.

About us

Balteus spol. s.r.o. . is a company which finds out possibilities for drawing grants that support your project intentions in the jungle of Euro funds. We are pro-clients oriented company that is why we try to precisely adjust conditions of deriving Euro funds to your needs and requirements. Our focus is put on technological projects as well as educational and art-oriented ones.

The fundamental aspects of our philosophy are: individual approach to client, professionalism of offered services and building long-lasting partnership relations.

Our services

Primary analysis

This service provides a brief study of practicability of your project intention emerging from current schemes of subsidy. Another purpose of the primary analysis is also the acquisition of an overall idea/vision about the way of project realization with the help of EU financial support.

Complex realization

We will delightedly help and provide you with the service concerning the process of submitting requests as well as the realization/implementation, monitoring and termination of the project.

Supporting the arts’ sector

Schemes of subsidy are often the main source for the sector of arts. However, the potential of such schemes is not usually fully utilized. That is why we offer supporting services for this sector.

Public procurement

Realization of the public procurement is not concerning only the implementations of Euro funds. Our company offers complex consulting/advisory services and the service covering all types of public procurement.

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They said about us

"Up to the beginning of collaboration with BALTEUS Company, any help from euro funds was a struggle. From the start of cooperation I was finally able to fully devote myself to the realization of my project while all of the bureaucratic necessities are handled in the highest quality. The simplified definition of the company could be – flexibility, knowledge and experience, willingness to help, finding solutions of emerged problems that occur constantly and reliability. I highly recommend BALTEUS to every person interested in any national/state, EU and other schemes of help.

Ing. René Darmoš - Director

"We are exceedingly delighted with the BALTEUS Company. We worked together on one successful project which resulted in the creation of specific technological cell one of its kind in Slovakia. They were not afraid of stepping ahead towards this bold project with us and during the time of its realization we could always fully rely on them which enabled us absolutely focus on our entrepreneurial activities. We were highly delighted with their services and that is why we trust them."

Ing. Radomír Grauzel, MBA - Managing director

"I would like express my satisfaction with BALTEUS in terms of their professionalism, expert approach in representation and consultancy of projects realized from euro funds. Their knowledge and expertise increase success rate of projects."

Ing. Peter Kajánek, PhD. - Managing director

"The cooperation with Balteus was very beneficial. They successfully helped us with working out the project and the request for its refinance from European funds. During the whole process they were permanently in contact and they paid maximal attention to all the necessary steps and deadlines/dates. At the same time, they were actively solving all remarks and requirements from ministry which was the provider of an irretrievable financial subscription. We are definitely going to take the advantage of Balteus’s services in the realization of future projects."

Ing. Vladimir Mravec ml. - CEO

"We would like to thank BALTEUS for overtaking the whole agenda in preparation, realization and monitoring parts of project. Due to the administrative difficulty, the cooperation was necessary from drawing up the study of workability to submitting the work to operation. Currently, the line is producing Asphalnet wire netting primarily for export, also the certification process of product for TSÚS took place and we keep cooperating on monitoring the project with the BALTEUS consulting company.."

Ing. Vladimír Mravec st. - CEO

"I am very delighted with the collaboration. I trust the company because of their punctuality and professional approach to mutual agreements. We discussed and arranged the project for EU funds in unconventional regime, because the project itself was put into practice before the approval of grant. I’s likely approach BALTEUS in possible future projects realizations."

Peter Lenčéš - Managing director

"BALTEUS has secured complete service from drawing up the project to its finalization. We were satisfied with the collaboration. They were trying to fulfil all our requirements and initiatives and secure smooth operation of the whole process."

Ing. Milan Štefanka ml. - CEO

"We would like to thank BALTEUS Company that provides services in the field of deriving euro funds and simultaneously focuses on applicants from MSP. Thanks to their flexibility and responsibility we are able to move forwards and be more effective."

Monika Kekeľáková - CFO

"We have multiple satisfactory experiences with BALTEUS Company. They provide public procurement services on a highly professional level and promptly react to raised requirements and unconventional situations."

Mgr. Zuzana Ďurišová - Mayor of town Brezno

"Cooperation with BALTEUS spol. s r.o. was from the very beginning of the project to successful implementation on a highly professional level. In order to an emergency situation in our company it was necessary to react promptly. The project for EU funds required an unconventional solution. Thanks for their approach, professional experience and willingness to seek a way out of the unexpected situation, I highly recommend BALTEUS to any candidate for representing and advising projects from EU funds or other State aid in any case."

Ján Janiš-CEO