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We will advise you in the field of Euro funds consult your projects ideas and guide you through all project phases starting with the formulation of the project’s aim and finishing with its realization. Generally, the project cycle has five phases. We would like to advise you in all of the phases collectively or separately.

Primary analysis

In the beginning of the cooperation with a client we firstly consult the aim of the project and find possibilities of its realization. After setting the specifics of the project’s aim we provide clients with a brief study of practicability derived from current subsidy schemes. Purpose of the primary analysis is to acquire an overall idea about means of realization of the project with the EU financial support. In continuity of the primary analysis we are additionally going to propose further steps for successful project realization.


Complex realization

As part of the comprehensive implementation of the project, we will be happy to help you with the entire application process, as well as with the actual implementation , monitoring and completion of the project, and provide a complete service. We will guide you through all project phases, ie. the whole life cycle of the project, which generally consists of the following five phases:


The idea of the project is a keystone for the whole process and principal precondition for applying for EU grants. Formulation of the idea must be explicit and comprehensive. Essenially, it contains answers to following questions:

  • WHAT am I going to do ?
  • FOR WHOM am I going to do it ?
  • HOW am I going to do it ?

Formulation of the main idea or objective of your project represents particularly important part. It influences all consecutive phases of the development of an accurate project and its potential for successful receipt of EU grants. Therefore, it is especially important to dedicate enough time in this phase for creation of due „output“ before procceding with next steps. The subject matter or content of the idea always comes from your side. Fortunately, we are here to help you to develop it and associate with specific EU programme or initiative.


Explicit and comprehensive idea formulation is followed by search for an appropriate programe and subsequntly selection of its currently ongoing initiative. In this phase, we will help you with the diagnosis of the project scope. We will compare project objective/s with objectives of chosen EU programme and initiative. We will take into account the opportunity to combine EU funding from different EU programmes at the same time.

After successful identification of suitable and matching initiative/s, we will find and summarize all available information related to the conditions for eligibility. Respectively, we will verify and validate the eligibility of the project applicant, project activity/ies as well as project expenses.

Thereafter, we will be ready to go ahead with the project creation itself.


Creation of the project represents the most extensive phase. Development of the project or an application for EU grant generally consists of following successive parts and processes :

  • Abstract of the project
  • Objective of the project
  • Definition of actual and desired condition
  • Form of an execution
  • IMPACT of the project
  • Budget of the project
  • Mandatory statements of state authorities

Optional (in some cases these are not required):

  • Definition of agreements among the partners/members of consortium
  • Patent/s
  • Mandatory or optional attachments
  • Mandatory or optional studies
  • Communicaton with executive offices and implementation agencies, or other contact points
  • Integrity check of the attachments and other documentation
  • Additional supply of any required document
  • Language of some of the projects/application for EU funding is English by obligation

Appropriate stylization and means of presentation of project data in relation to announcer of the initiative are particularly important attributes to recognize and keep in mind. The announcer of the initiative can be European Commission directly, or any Ministry of Slovak republic. Another essential attribute of successful project is its OVERALL COMPREHENSIVENESS. In order to be an eligible applicant for EU funding, it is important to create a coherent project, in which all its parts form logical relationship. Based on objectives, budget and impact of the project defined by yourselves, we are here to generate an application for EU funding with a considerable potential for drawing financial aid.


After receiving successful approval for your application and signing of your „grant agreememt“, another phase sets off. In the phase of project implementation we can offer you :

  • Consultancy and advisory services
  • External management and/or administrative services

The phase involves mainly observance of prescribed processes and time schedules in the extent defined in your project or application. In practise, this phase encompasses particular technical procedures, permissions, licences or approvals from competent authorities. As the non-returnable financial grant is being received from EU in parts, all of these activities constitute a relatively demanding administrative work. Public procurement/tender, intellectual property law agreement creations, patent applications – all of these are often mandatory in this phase. We closely cooperate with our partner lawyer’s office AK Hronček, team of which consists of specialists in this specific area.


The best comes at the end. The most important part of this phase is overall evaluation of the project! The whole process starting from first „raw“ idea, through successful approval of the application by EU authorities and final termination of project, is a long-term and difficult process. We are here to help you to thoroughly evaluate it. Complex evaluation is executed via following principal attributes:

  • Expected objectives versus achieved outputs
  • Planned budget versus real costs
  • Planned woking plan versus execution in practice
  • The implications of the execution of the project on organization’s functioning
  • The implications of mandatory period of project’s execution on organization’s functioning
  • Final evaluation of the whole effort spent and benefit/s obtained by the organization

Other activities exercised in this phase are mostly administrative in their nature. These comprise usually of final report of the project, final financial report of the project (final account), etc. All these documents must be submitted to executing authority of the initiative, and by doing so terminate funding for particular project.

International networking

Some of Eurofund schemes require the applicant for non-refaundable funds to prove that the project is being carried out in specific international consortia. We do help the clients project gain an international level via assisting with participation in particular consortia, where  we also might become part of them. Thanks to our partners and transparent cooperation, we create key added value such as  European and international level to many projects , through which we create new opportunities  and help develop the business environment not only for Slovak but also foreign companies.


Public procurement

Public procurement realization by far does not concern only the implemetation of EU funding. Our company offers complex consulting services in public procurement of all characters. In order to secure highest quality of the provided services, we cooperate closely with our partner Hronček & Partners, s. r. o., with which we maintain our partner portal for public procurement services.
Services we provide in the area of public procurement are divided into 2 main groups and are as follows:

  • consulting in the area of public service contracts and commercial tenders
  • analysis of the subject area of public service contract/tender and definition of the most appropriate proceedings in accordance with law
  • provision of complex services in the process of public service contract under the legislation in force
  • creation of tender materials in the matter of public competition
  • development of a bid; invitation to a new public public service contract /tender
  • explanation related to public service contract/tender documents
  • provision of complex services in the process of commercial tenders under the legislation in force
  • entry of data of public tenders into electronic market-place – EKS
  • monitoring of publication of public procurement invitations in the particular field of activity of the applicant.
  • consulting service in the matter of a bid development and a bid complexity verification in terms of context and form
  • consulting service related to submission of application form for explanation and application for corrective action or exception
  • consulting services in the matter of an entry of data of public service contract/ tender into electronic market-place – EKS

Whom are we collaborating with

BALTEUS spol. s.r.o. provides consulting services in the field of drawing Euro funds to the wide range of potential applicants. During the current programme period EU 2021 – 2027 as well as other parallel programmes of national or international level, we can devide potential applicants to these groups:

SME - small and medium enterprises

Research and educational institutions and spin-off

large enterprises

Non-profitable organizations and civil associations


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