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We will advise you in the field of Euro funds consult your projects ideas and guide you through all project phases starting with the formulation of the project’s aim and finishing with its realization. For the needs of systematic grant drawing and participation in large international projects, we can audit your processes and propose optimizations that will help you be successful. 


If your organization is seeking to finance its business ventures through various grant opportunities, but is uncertain about which current or upcoming funding programs are most suitable, we can help you navigate this process.
If you’re unsure which grant scheme would be most appropriate for your organization, we recommend exploring our section on evaluating the potential for grant utilization. Alternatively, if you already have a specific project in mind, such as an investment plan, you may proceed to our section on evaluating the potential for grant utilization for your particular project. Our team can assist in assessing your eligibility and identifying the most promising funding opportunities to help you achieve your goals. 


At the onset of the entire cycle of obtaining EU support, it is crucial to conduct an initial analysis, which will enable you to identify the potential more precisely for obtaining support for your activities through specific grant schemes.
Why is this service significant?

  • We evaluate whether your organization has the potential to secure EU support.
  • Based on our extensive experience, you’ll receive a proposal for designing grant-financed activities.
  • The analysis is meticulously prepared by our adept project managers.

To begin, we’ve designed a questionnaire that will enable us to better acquaint ourselves with your organization. Kindly take the time to complete it (typically takes around 20 minutes) and provide the most accurate and candid responses possible.

After we’ve reviewed the information you provide, we will prepare a concise feasibility study that evaluates your potential to obtain grant support. Subsequently, we will arrange a video call (approximately 45 minutes) where we will go over this analysis with you, answer your questions and agree on the next course of possible cooperation.


At the beginning of the entire process of obtaining support from the EU, it is necessary to carry out an initial analysis. This is a service that will allow you to more closely identify the potential for obtaining support for your project (investment plan) through specific grant schemes.
Why is this service important?

  • We will identify whether the specific project (investment plan) has the potential to receive support from the EU.
  • Our experts will seek optimal financing solutions for your activities.
  • The analysis will be prepared by experienced project managers.

We have prepared a questionnaire for you at the outset, which will enable us to better familiarize ourselves with the planned project (investment plan). Please take the time to complete it (it takes approximately 20 minutes) and be as precise and candid as possible.

After we’ve reviewed the information you provide, we will prepare a concise feasibility study that evaluates your potential to obtain grant support. Subsequently, we will arrange a video call (approximately 45 minutes) where we will go over this analysis with you, answer your questions and agree on the next course of possible cooperation.


What does it mean and why should you definitely have it?
If you are interested in systematic and long-term grant acquisition (approximately 4-5 or more grant applications per year), or if you plan to prepare large European projects (Horizon Europe program), the service of an organizational-process audit will help you achieve these goals.
Our organizational-process audit service is based on the globally popular methodology of Lean Six Sigma, which combines optimization methods developed by TOYOTA since the 1950s – Lean (originally TPS – Toyota Production System) – and a methodology independently developed since the 1980s by MOTOROLA and General motors (GM). Today, Lean Six Sigma is the most commonly used tool for process optimization in various companies worldwide. The professional guarantor is a process-project manager at the Black Belt level.

The true and unique value of any organization lies in its people! Effectively utilizing their potential is key to success. We can help you optimize processes in your organization to maximize the efficient use of human resources without incurring additional investment costs (CAPEX). This way, some employees will not be overloaded at the expense of others.
An added value is that these optimization processes will remain with you and you can benefit from them in the long term. Furthermore, our offered organizational-process audit includes the dimension of optimizing processes in a way that enables your organization to efficiently, systematically and continuously apply for grants for its further development.
The organizational-process audit takes place in the form of working meetings/workshops with the solving team, directly in the relevant organization.


During initial meetings, we will together define the scope of the included departments/divisions of the organization under review and the priority objectives of the audit.


A quality team is half the success! Together, we will assemble a project team composed cross-functionally of employees from the relevant departments/divisions. For the success of the optimization project, it is essential that the team be diverse in terms of departments/divisions and hierarchical levels within the company (process operators as well as process managers). *The project will require a capacity of approximately 4-6 hours/week from the project team.


We will create a process model (PSM) and a value stream map (VSM) by combining various proven techniques, which will capture the process flow within the organization. The value stream mapping will capture the value creation process, thus forming the first overall image of the organization’s process performance and indicating potential areas for process improvement.


Data, data, data! By this, we mean real data from the mapped processes. The process model needs to be supplemented with real data to be evaluated responsibly. Does Monday morning or Friday afternoon have a real impact on the quality and performance of the processes? Does any combination of employees and utilized techniques have a real impact on the quality and performance of the processes? Do some defined internal procedures have a real impact on the quality and performance of the processes?
These are just some of the basic questions that need to be verified with real data from ongoing processes in the organization being addressed.


The collected data is then analyzed using various statistical methods, and different possible solutions are simulated. Data analysis is, of course, a task for software, and we use the main software tool of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, which is MiniTab software.


This part is usually the most enjoyable phase for the project team. The processes are thoroughly mapped, real data from the processes is collected, analysed, and now comes the creative process of developing the most appropriate optimization solutions and potentially simulating their effects in the software.


Support of projects in the form of direct financial support – non-refundable grants or capital “booster”, or non-financial support (consulting/patent searches, etc.)


As part of the comprehensive implementation of the project, we will be happy to help you with the entire application process, as well as with the actual implementation , monitoring and completion of the project, and provide a complete service. We will guide you through all project phases, ie. the whole life cycle of the project, which generally consists of the following five phases:


If you are seeking to finance your projects, one option is to explore equity funds that are facilitated by various private companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, as well as public equity funds – A list of equity funds in Slovakia | BALTEUS. In total, there are around 13 such funds available.
As part of our work, we actively monitor and collaborate with equity funds, enabling us to assist you in securing financial support for your business ventures. It’s important to note that each equity fund has unique conditions and investment possibilities. However, we are well-equipped to provide guidance through these various options so that you can successfully launch and expand your business operations.

Whom are we collaborating with

BALTEUS spol. s r. o. provides consulting services in the field of drawing Euro funds to the wide range of potential applicants. During the current programme period EU 2021 – 2027 as well as other parallel programmes of national or international level, we can devide potential applicants to these groups:

SME - small and medium enterprises

Research and educational institutions and spin-off

large enterprises

Non-profitable organizations and civil associations


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