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Construction of a photovoltaic power plant (5.99 MW)

RIGHT POWER PROJECT 1, j. s. a. | budget: 2 254 438,79 EUR

5,99 MW from RES

The construction of a photovoltaic power plant (5.99 MW) as part of a comprehensive renewal of the energy infrastructure. This project is aimed at a partial goal of the complex project of renewal of the energy infrastructure of the local distribution system in the industrial area of ZŤS Martin.

The partial goal in this case means building a group of devices (5 photovoltaic power plants) that will be connected to the regional distribution system at a common point through the local distribution system.

Idea and its formulation

A group of our clients approached us with the idea of a comprehensive renewal of the energy infrastructure of the local distribution system of the well thought-out area of ZTS Martin. The main challenges identified were:

1. increasing the capacity of electricity production from renewable sources

2. reduction of energy distribution losses

3. increasing the flexibility of the energy network (reducing outages)


In order for a complex project to be "made up" of several grant projects, grant schemes had to be chosen appropriately, which allowed for their mutual combination and complementation. It is for this reason that the Recovery Plan - component 1 "Renewable energy sources and energy infrastructure" was chosen.

Project processing

This complex plan was subjected to a thorough analysis and was subsequently divided into three separate grant applications.

A. This grant application had the task of increasing the capacity of electricity production from renewable sources - 5 photovoltaic power plants with a total installed capacity of 5,985 MW.

B. Another (already approved) grant application for the project Construction of facilities for the production of hydrogen by electrolysis using RES with a total budget of EUR 6,456,589.77 is part of the complex project.

C. The last third grant project is the project Innovation of the process of production and distribution of electricity from RES, i.e., construction of an energy bridge and innovation of the distribution network of the local distribution i.e..

Project realisation

The project is currently in the implementation phase. The grant contract was signed, and the relevant supplier tenders were being prepared.

Results of the project

Increased capacity from RES by 5.99 MW
Completed the second phase of the complex project
Energy infrastructure innovation

Our comment

To support this project intention, as part of a more complex project, we have chosen a grant scheme - Restoration Plan. It is a scheme that aspires to be closer to the way framework programs run directly by the European Commission work – a primary focus on set project objectives rather than bureaucratic process. From our experience, the efforts of the Recovery Plan for more meaningful support of the project's intentions are being fulfilled so far, and we are looking forward to the next grant calls set up in this way !

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