Ecological CNG and Norwegian grants

LUBEX, s.r.o. | budget: 547 930,00 EUR

Ecological CNG in industry and logistics

This project is currently being implemented. The main problem, which this project solves is insufficient using of ecological alternative fuels in automobile transport in region of Kysuce, which is caused by weak awareness about ecological forms of fuels and insufficient ( in case of CNG fuel not existing) infrastructure of alternative fuels. CNG (compressed natural gas) as one of the alternative fuels, represents an innovative green technology, both for passenger and freight transport. From the point of view of air pollution with CO2 emissions, logistics in industry represents the largest share of CO2 emissions, which is why in the project we focus not only on industrial operations but also on logistics.

The project will solve the issue by providing and making available the benefits of CNG technology and by raising awareness about it in the given region. This goal will be fulfilled through the creation of a comprehensive package of services, which will consist of:

- building the CNG infrastructure,

- provision of CNG test vehicle rental services,

- and providing advice on the transition to CNG technology.

Together with 2 project partners we will achieve a synergistic effect, i.e. design of solution of CNG filling station directly for the needs of the project in cooperation with Partner: SEOL LTd. and partner: LZ Trade Ltd., who will prepare the construction area in the given location for the placement of the CNG station. Services for the commercialization of the station, i.e. rental of demonstration vehicles will be provided directly by the applicant: LUBEX Ltd. in cooperation with the partner LZ Trade Ltd., which will support the use of CNG in freight transport.

Idea and its formulation

The client approached us with the idea of building a CNG filling station in his region of operation - Kysuce. Therefore, we started by analyzing the needs in this location in order to find out if there is such a need/demand. The analysis revealed a lack of awareness of more ecological forms of fuel and also a lack of infrastructure for alternative fuels in the given region, which in the case of CNG fuel does not exist, but at the same time a high potential for their use in the case of the possibility of switching to CNG technology.


Considering the current green calls and EU priorities for CO2 reduction and efforts to green transport, we identified that the project intention has the ambition to succeed. We were therefore looking for a suitable call/challenge. Even in view of the then deaf period in terms of calls in Slovakia, the EEA grants, also known as Norwegian grants, came out as the most suitable grant scheme for us from the Brief Feasibility Study. EEA grants represent the contribution of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway to reducing social and economic differences within the EEA and strengthening mutual relations. The specific program: Development of trade, innovation and small and medium-sized enterprises, provided a call for the area of support: Green innovations in industry, which thematically fit into our project intention.

Project execution

After conducting a market survey (needs analysis) and finding a suitable location - an industrial complex in Krásno nad Kysucou, we set the main goal of the project - increasing awareness of CNG technology in the given region thanks to the provision of a comprehensive package of services, which will consist of building the relevant CNG infrastructure, providing services for renting (borrowing) CNG test vehicles, as well as consulting offers for the transition to CNG technology. During the processing of the project, the partnership with 2 other subjects, whose focus fit into the logic of the project, was also a great advantage.

Project implementation

The project is currently in the implementation phase. A grant agreement was signed, and work is currently underway to obtain a building permit and prepare an order for CNG technology. As part of the implementation of the project, we also provide public procurement, in this case VO for the procurement of 5 different types of vehicles with CNG motorization, which will be used for demonstration purposes - i.e. trying out this technology and comparing the advantages compared to conventional diesel and gasoline cars. The project also includes conferences to promote awareness of the project and the possibilities of drawing Norwegian grants, within which the first Opening Conference for the project has already been held.

Results of the project

Development of CNG infrastructure in the region
CO2 reduction
SME development

Our comment

The company Lubex, Ltd. approached us based on a positive reference from our client CNG Slovensko, Ltd., with whom we were also preparing a project for the construction of a CNG station. The company Ludex, Ltd. therefore, came with a clear idea of what expect from the project. Originally, the intention was to set up 2 CNG filling stations, but also in view of the financial complexity of this intention and the assessment of pros and cons, we reached a compromise and built the project on a comprehensive package of services: 1 CNG filling station, CNG vehicle rental services and advice on the transition to CNG, which proved to be the right decision during the project evaluation.

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