projekt zvýšenie miery recyklácie

Increasing the rate of waste recycling

ZEDKO, s. r. o. | budget: 382 163,75 EUR

What the project was about

The main goal of the project was to increase the rate and efficiency of recycling electrical waste with the help of chemical processing in the laboratory. This goal was primarily fulfilled by increasing the technological level of the entire recycling process taking place in the operation of our client. The innovation of the technological facilities primarily concerned laboratory equipment that recycles electrical waste in a hydrometallurgical manner.

Idea and its formulation

After the initial communication with the company ZEDKO, s. r. o. we searched together for the main idea or problem that the company wants or needs to solve. After a series of interviews, we identified several improvements / issues which the project was intended to solve. Right after this identification we had found an idea for a project to increase the rate and efficiency of electrical waste recycling, with the help of chemical treatment in the laboratory.


After formulating the project idea, we sought a suitable call through the Operational Program Environmental Quality. We also took the Operational Program Research and Innovation into account, where the idea of the project was also eligible, but due to the increased chances of success, a variant of the application for non-repayable financial aid through the Operational Program Environmental Quality was chosen.

Project preparation

The entire part of the processing of the grant application took place in close communication with the technical solvers of the project so that we could obtain from them all the necessary information and mandatory documents for the processing of a quality project plan. The process of writing and sending an application was subsequently taken over by our company BALTEUS spol. s r. o. .

Project realization

After the approval of the grant application and the signing of the grant agreement, the implementation of the project in which we provided ZEDKO, s. r. o. comprehensive consulting services within the implementation phase of the project. These were the services of external management and administrative service in compliance with the planned time schedule. The project included a total of 10 public procurements, which in cooperation with the law firm Hronček & Partners, s. r. o. also completely covered the company BALTEUS spol. s r.o. .

Výsledky projektu

15 innovative devices
increasing the capacity and efficiency of the electrical waste recycling process
new contracts

Our comment

This project concerned laboratory procedures for refining precious metals from electrical waste. Technically, it was very specific and the intended recycling process itself (after the project) was unique and therefore required custom development and production of unique equipment - a total of 19 logical units, together with a forklift truck.

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