gabion projektový zámer

Increasing the technological level of GABION CENTER s.r.o.

GABION CENTER s.r.o. | Budget: EUR 498 186,66

What was the project about ?

The project's main aim was to increase the company's technological level through intelligent technological solutions. The project goal was fulfilled by innovating the production process of welded gabion panels. Thanks to this innovation, a new specific product with significantly increased parameters (compared to the previous one) and the possibility of immediate application in practice were created, which positively contributed to a rapid financial return on investment and increased company competitiveness.

Idea and its formulation

The company's portfolio consists of gabion panels production for the antierosion slope protection, landscaping, and aesthetic fencing, and the company has the potential to become a market leader. To fulfill this potential, it was necessary to eliminate quality deficiencies and streamline production so that the company could meet the qualitative and quantitative requirements of its customers and, therefore, the market. The company approached us with this very idea and intention.


After the identification of the idea and intentions of the project, we subsequently searched for a suitable call from the Operational Programme "Research and Innovation," in which GABION CENTER s.r.o. was an eligible applicant, and we started to process the application for grant.

Project processing

After assessing the initial situation, drawing up the technical assignment, and conducting several rounds of market research, it was found that no Slovak or Czech supplier could supply the required equipment (specific welding machine). The market research was thus extended to the whole EU, and the implementation part of the project (in particular, the preparation of the procurement) started to be prepared in this context. In conjunction with the technology side of the project, these aspects were the most challenging part of the project for us. Effective and open communication with the client (GABION CENTER s.r.o.) was a significant contributor to the project's success in dealing with these challenges.

Project realization

For the implementation of the project, a project team was created, which in addition to the applicant's internal staff, was supplemented by external collaborators (e.g., our company BALTEUS, comp. s r.o.) with experience in the implementation of projects financed by the Euro funds and the implementation of public procurement. The tender documents were prepared bilingually so that it would be possible to conclude a contract for the supply of the welding machine with a foreign supplier, which was achieved. Thanks to the project, GABION CENTER s.r.o. expanded its product portfolio, increased its productivity, and, as the entire project was professionally managed, its successful completion resulted in a quick return on investment.

Results of the project

significantly innovated production process
the new product line of welded gabions
contracted supplier from Italy

Our comment

The most challenging part of the project was a combination of two factors, namely: specific technical requirements for the project activities (delivery of a unique welding machine) and a situation where, even after several rounds of market research, it was clear that no Slovak or Czech supplier was able to deliver equipment with the required parameters.

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