inovácia výrobného procesu

Innovation of the company’s production process

M T J interior, s.r.o. | budget: 387 699,11 EUR

What was the project about ?

M T J Interior focuses on the design and production of atypical interiors made of noble materials with a high demand for craftsmanship. The main goal of the project - innovation of production processes - was fulfilled by the acquisition of innovative technology for two production processes, namely for the woodworking section and the metalworking section.

Idea and its formulation

The production of the interiors consists of three phases: production in the woodworking shop, production in the metalworking shop, and the paint shop. The project idea was prepared based on a comprehensive assessment of the initial situation, identified risks, and the strategic plan of M T J interior s.r.o., consisting of continuous improvement of production processes and investment in innovation. From this plan came the idea of innovation of two production processes (metal-manufacturing and wood-manufacturing).


When forming the idea, we suspected that the appropriate program for this project would be the Operational Programme "Research and Innovation (process and product innovation). M T J Interior met the conditions to be an eligible applicant, so we did not hesitate to process and submit the project.

Project processing

Based on the identified needs and shortages, a proposal for an overall solution in production, through the implementation of the intended project, was developed. The plan was to innovate two production processes (wood and metal production). The shortages of the woodworking workshop primarily caused the absence of full automated cooperation of technology and logistics of input material storage in the technological process sequence. Scarcity in the metalworking section caused the lack of digital control of technologies and, in the case of the relevant equipment, the absence of digital measurement of the monitored parameters.

Project realization

In the first upgraded process, woodworking, suppliers of several CNC machines were won through public tenders, which increased efficiency and improved the quality of woodworking. In the second process (metal fabrication), several CNC presses, milling machines, and other necessary machinery were supplied, which helped the company achieve its stated goal - to innovate its processes. Just after the application for the NFP was submitted, an emergency situation occurred in production, which resulted in the immediate need to implement one part of the project, even before the actual project was approved. Following this, the necessary processes were secured. Part of the project was implemented before it was approved, allowing the company to smoothly upgrade its production activities without significant financial losses associated with production shutdowns.

Results of the project

two innovated processes
ensuring smooth production through multi-phase project implementation
reaching Western European standards and placing products on these markets

Our comment

It was a complex project from the start because life brought unexpected situations in the form of an emergency in production, to which it was necessary to react promptly. These processes required an unconventional approach and solutions, which had to be incorporated into the official methodology to implement the entire project successfully.

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